Mobile X-Ray

When you need an X-Ray now, Ultra Healthcare Services comes to your door to provide the right diagnostic tools, when and where you need them.

Ultra provides 100% digital Mobile X-Ray service 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Our experienced dispatch team answers your calls 24/7. We immediately send the closest technician to your facility from the area in which you are calling. We understand that a quick response time is one of your biggest priorities when calling a mobile imaging service.

Our technicians arrive at your door with state of the art equipment and our highly-experienced Chief Tech oversees our mobile staff which insures that we get the details right the first time. Each of our technicians is trained to consider the comfort and special needs of your patients or residents during the imaging process.

We provide X-Rays of the chest, head & neck, spine, pelvis, abdomen and upper & lower extremities.

After completing the digital X-Rays, because we are 100% digital, before we even leave your parking lot we transmit them over the internet to our team of local Board Certified Radiologists. Our dispatch team watches the progress of your images through our advanced software system to make sure that the results are returned to you as soon as the report is read, completed and transcribed.

At your request, our technicians have the ability to produce a CD and return it to you before leaving the facility. Additionally, we still offer free film delivery for the convenience of you, your physician and your patient. Films may be delivered within 24 to 48 hours. Both inside the office and out on the road, every member of Ultra’s staff understands that you call us expecting excellent service, delivered by a qualified staff, with accurate reports returned as quickly as possible.

Ultra Healthcare Also Provides

  • Now offering venous/arterial, general and 2D echo ultrasounds!

  • We offer employee Chest X-Rays  to rule out Tuberculosis,  billed monthly to the facility.

  • Film/CD delivery free of charge to the facility  or ordering Doctor.

  • Print film available