Ultrasound Services

Ultra Healthcare Services offers mobile digital Ultrasound examinations direct to your door. Our experienced dispatch team answers your calls 24/7. We immediately send the closest technician to your facility from the area in which you are calling. We understand that a quick response time is one of your biggest priorities when calling a mobile imaging service.

Ultra uses only the latest, state of the art digital Ultrasound equipment to help you get the test you need right now to treat your patient. Our lightweight, mobile and 100% digital Ultrasound uses sound waves to create an accurate picture of the inside of the body. The procedure is pain-free and is suitable to produce images of any part of the body.

A written preliminary report is left with the facility upon completion of the exam.  The final report is faxed to the requested number the same day, with the exception of Cardiology reports that may be completed within 24 hours.

Our reports are clear, easy to read and understand, to help you deliver the best care, as quickly as possible, to your patient.